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            “Now that you have stepped into my home, go pour me a drink.” 


"I’m not your maid Nik."

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               ”Only if you say please” Enzo teased. Though they both knew that neither of them was likely to say please in this situation. Even if they had just met, Enzo thought that they had a lot in common. He heard only good things about her in the cells, but when Enzo escaped, those stories had changed. But it had not changed his fascination with the older vampire.

               ”I knew that I liked you” He grinned a little bit, the two could be friends and Enzo could certainly do with making a few more of his own. Bonding over Damon’s alcohol seemed like the perfect way to do so. Enzo took a long sip from his own glass. “My only friend is Damon Salvatore, my family disowned me long ago…I don’t have anything other than tragic self-pity as attractive as that sounds” He teased. “What about you, you seem like this town would bore you in a minute.

     ”Do you honestly think that’s going to happen? If anyone should be saying please it should be you.” She said with a smirk. Games were her specialty and even now, it was no different. Though looking at him, he had a air to him, she could tell that he wasn’t someone she could just push around, which only made her like the challenge even more. She hadn’t heard much about him, but she knew he’d show her.

    “You like me? Hmm, i’d say that was record time.” She laughed, downing the rest of her glass, before holding it out to him. Implying that she wanted more. Hearing him go on about his life, she simply rolled her eyes. “Damon is your only friend? How pathetic…” She kidded, though she was being completely serious. “There’s always something that brings me back here, but don’t worry, i’m planning on leaving.—- I think tonight’s my last night here. And you’re welcome to join me in my mayhem if you’d like.”


"I do admit that my intentions weren’t that pure.. I discovered your place to be empty a couple of days ago and I’ve been stealing your blood supply since then." He smirked, leaning against the nearby wall. "but you’re much better than blood."

"You’ve been stealing my blood supply? And what have you left me with?" She teased, as she walked towards her fridge. Looking over her shoulder at his last statement. "Am i? Why don’t you prove it?"

give me a reason you DON’T rp with me


"Is that the only live you have?"


"Of course not, but if i start making other threats, well—- that just means you probably don’t have much longer to live."

He won’t kill you. He’s too busy planning to kill me.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?— And do you mind filling me in here, it’s been awhile since i even thought of your family."


"I have.. but I just don’t want to."


"—- So what is it you want then?"


"Just to annoy you really, it’s still entertaining."


"I’ve killed you once, and i can easily do it again."

Anonymous asked:
Aren't you scared Klaus will want to kill you again?

     ”He’s had plenty of chances, yet here i am.”

Anonymous asked:
Why would you come back to Mystic Falls to help Damon of all people. He hates you, he wants you dead.

      “—-He doesn’t want me dead, he and i have too much history,
  Besides if i don’t help him, he stays dead, doesn’t he?”

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